Best Manfrotto Aviator Drone Backpack for DJI Phantom in 2023

As we know today the trend of drone videography is increasing very fast. People are now using drones a lot for videography and in the future, it is going to be even more. A good videography drone is very expensive. Also, the equipment used with it is also very valuable.

When we go from one place to another for doing videography, we also have to take the necessary equipment of its many types of drone-like remote control, laptop and other accessories. For this, we need a good drone bag.

Today Manfrotto is a good choice of drone transportation solutions that is complementing this trend with a dedicated range. Manfrotto is especially beneficial for professional and advanced photographers and videographers who have trouble carrying their drone equipment and are looking for an excellent solution for the same. Then the Manfrotto will be a dependable, practical drone backpack for you. Manfrotto Aviator Drone Backpack for DJI Phantom is ideal for carrying your drone and its necessities with ease. 

This bag is made for special adventures and this Manfrotto is perfectly adapted for the day of discovery. This bag has been specially designed for the DJJ Phantom series, which also includes the Phantom 4 Pro. The Manfrotto bag has been designed keeping in mind your needs so that you can easily hold your DLSR even with 1 lens and a tripod. The Manfrotto Backpack keeps all your belongings safe.

The Manfrotto even has separate compartments to securely store your propeller, transmitter and battery, giving you a great portable and handy storage facility. Thanks to those three protective pouches that provide a snug fit around your device.

The Manfrotto is a super-organized drone bag together and you’ll feel in control because you can set the drone on the exterior of your bag, we can carry the Manfrotto bag on your shoulder with great ease, and we can use our propeller Can be mounted in a flash by unzipping the front zip. If we need to quickly change our location, we can disassemble our drone’s equipment and move quickly.

The Manfrotto bag has a waterproof extra compartment for your 17-inch laptop or tablet that gives you extra space for all those essentials. This flow saves all our equipment from getting damaged in every season. The S-Bag also offers a decent option for attaching your tripod externally.

It is both modular and very easy to use. The built-in divider lets you create the exact sized compartment for your gear so we can custom fit around your gear inside your bag. The batteries fit snugly in this bag.

These compartments keep our laptops safe during transport. Includes a built-in fold-out protector that when installed protects our equipment from wet and dry on the outside of your bag. A special coating is applied to the fabric of this bag which remains resistant to moisture.

As we all know, the DJI Drone Backpack contains our DJI Phantom Drone as well as our DSLR and lens and a tripod. This bag is perfect for travel, this bag allows us to carry the drone in multiple ways. Most users prefer to keep their drones in a backpack for added security.

The best Manfrotto Aviator Drone Backpack for DJI Phantom has enough room to carry a drone, drone accessories, lenses, a full-size DSLR with a controller, camera accessories 

and much more.

Manfrotto Aviator Drone Backpack for Dji Phantom – First Impressions

From the moment we opened the Manfrotto MB BP-D1 DJI Backpack, the first thing we noticed was that it’s much bigger and prettier than we expected.

Even though the drone isn’t exactly compact, we never thought the Manfrotto D1 Aviator would be that big.

We think the backpack Manfrotto will be on par with the DJI Backpack. Not a deal-breaker at all, and it’s still pretty decent by the carry-on specifications, but it did a little more than we anticipated.

When we picked up the bag, we liked its outer cover which was made of sturdy material. This one was durable and thick – exactly what we’ve always wanted.

Everything felt comfortable on our backs once inside the S-bag. The weight was evenly distributed and it is also very easy to carry.

This bag will contain the following DJI drones:

Advanced DJI Phantom 3

Vision+ DJI Phantom 3

DJI Phantom 1

DJI Phantom FC40

DJI Phantom 2

Vision DJI Phantom 2

Standard DJI Phantom 3

Professional Technical Specifications of Manfrotto Aviator Drone Backpack for DJI Phantom :

Exterior Dimensions: 22″ x 13.4″ x 9″

Interior Dimensions: 21.2″ x 11.8″ x 6.3″

Camera Insert Dimensions : 26 x 15 x 13 cm

Tripod Connection:  Yes

Laptop Compartment Dimensions : 30 x 2.5 x 54 cm

Number Of Lenses: 1

Types Of Gear: Drone, DSLR

Storage For Personal Items : Yes

Remote Case Dimensions : 21 x 12 x 11 cm

Drone Compartment Width : 30 x 16 x 41 cm

Weight  : 1.904 kg

Material : Nylon, RipStop, Synthetic Fabric

Features of Manfrotto Aviator Drone Backpack for DJI Phantom :

Enhanced protection

The top compartment in the manfrotto nano bag our DSLR and the attached lens safe. While its ultra-protective pouch fits snugly around our drones and kits, keeping our belongings safe.

maximum mobility

Secure our quadcopter with a propeller mounted from outside the Manfrotto pack while an external tripod hook secures our Manfrotto tripod outside the pack.

flexible storage

The side compartment in the S Bag securely holds the iPad and 17-inch laptop, plus the large pouches for batteries, cables, chargers, mounts, etc.

Water-repellant cloth

A special coating has been applied to the fabric used to make this bag, which keeps it resistant to moisture.

Rain protector folds out

Manfrotto backpack also include fold-out protectors that when installed create a barrier between the wet and dry inside our bags.

Some important FAQ

Q: Does this Manfrotto Drone Bag meet all the requirements for luggage storage?

Answer: The Manfrotto Aviator Drone Backpack for DJI Phantom fits perfectly in the baggage size, and therefore in the overhead bin of most aircraft. Although it won’t fit in the overhead bin of a small regional jet, it will fit snugly under the seat in front of you. If that happens you have to hope that the flight attendants will let you put it in the coat closet or that the person next to you will allow you to use the space under the seat in front of them with the space under the seat. in front of you. Otherwise, the airline will ask you to check it. I would also look into battery preparation and paperwork requirements if you are planning on carrying the drone on an aeroplane.

Q: Will the p4 pro fit in a Manfrotto Aviator Drone Backpack Bag?

Answer: Yes, it fits snugly from s bag including 2 spare batteries and charger plus cable etc. You can even fit a full-size camera in its top compartment. I travel a lot and I would really recommend this backpack, very versatile and you can take the drone with or without a propeller, with great materials and great design.

Q: Is the Manfrotto MB BP-D1 DJI a new model that fits DJI Phantom 4 batteries?

Answer: Yes. In this bag, we carry the iPad and 15″ laptop in the back pocket. The Phantom 4 with the battery already inserted goes into the main section. There are also 2 additional pockets that take 2 more Phantom 4 batteries. To the controller we put a separate There is a separate netted section for props as well as 3 internal pockets for media, charging cord etc. We can even fit a DSLR in the very top pocket. This bag is worth every penny, as it is very well made and comfortable to wear.

Q: Does the main compartment come with red inserts?

Answer: Yes, some come out, it’s all Velcro. There is Velcro on the pockets to see how they stay inside the bag.

Here’s the list of pros and cons for our Manfrotto D1 Aviator


In the Manfrotto MB BP-D1 DJIbag, we can comfortably store a DJI Phantom 4, 2 spare batteries, battery station, filter, SD card, charging cable and all kinds of other accessories. If you also have a lightweight drone, then you can travel with it very easily, it is great.

Its separate back panel also has enough room for a 15-inch MacBook Pro.

The backpack also comes with a rainproof wrap-on cover to protect it from water.

The top handle and shoulder strap of this bag is sturdy and we absolutely do not feel that they can fall apart with constant wear and carry.

The bag has a flat bottom and stands perfectly even with even the weight distribution. Doesn’t fall easily.

This is perfect for carry-on luggage for all the airlines we’ve used so far.

Its top pocket is also quite secure and can hold a wide variety of items like a small camera, hard drive and extra cables.

The solid zippers of this bag are also of very good quality which you will always appreciate.


Our main issue with the Manfrotto Aviator Drone Backpack for DJI Phantom is the slight lack of padding on its bottom.

With a DJI Phantom 4, the inside of the two arms extends to the farthest of the bag.

There’s a slight lack of protection or cushioning around both these arms and the motors when we zip up our DJI Phantom.

It doesn’t take much room to set up its own padding and is prone to falling off. We have to be very careful in keeping the bag down so that there is no damage to the hand or the motor.

It should be good to have a dedicated SD card organizer. These side pockets aren’t great for carrying anything other than thin items.

Conclusion for the Manfrotto Aviator Drone Backpack for the DJI Phantom

Overall the manfrotto camera bag is quite a good product and you are going to be happy after buying it.

The Manfrotto D1 is a decent product for decent padding along with portability and ease of use. Obviously, a hard case would be better for protection, but we’d have a little trouble hiking with the Manfrotto D1.

As far as we know, this is one of the best Manfrotto Aviator Drone Backpack for DJI Phantom. And this is going to be the best drone backpack in the market for you to take your DJI Phantom 4 outside.

Manfrotto has definitely done a great job creating something that covers most of our bases with ease, and we’re always ready to use it on our next big adventure.

The Manfrotto D1 Aviator Bag is perfect, but it works great for what it’s designed for. and also profitable.

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