Drones x Pro Review 2023 / Best Drone In Under 100$ Is It Good Or A Scam ?

We may be wondering if the Drone X Pro is a good choice for us with regards to baseline videography drones? Well, if you are here to know something good or bad about it, then you are at the right place because today we are going to talk about drone x pro only.

This Drones x Pro review will show that trying to find a suitable drone cheap can seem quite daunting to most people, especially when drone prices vary widely, with some drone models in the thousands compared to others. . Us people are absolutely unwilling to spend that small fortune on anything that has anything to do with any drone, Especially when one is thinking of using that drone to perform some extremely technical manoeuvres. That’s why we’ve taken it upon us to review the Drone X Pro to help you figure out whether the Drone X Pro is a good fit for you.

For an experienced drone pilot, the Drone X Pro is going to be a highly durable and affordable quadcopter that is perfect for capturing the best memories we have in the form of photos and videos. The Drone X Pro comes with a lot of modern features like multiple recording modes with gravity sensors, all at a pretty good price.

Hyperstech drone x pro review: What it is

You might not know that the DroneX Pro is sometimes stylized as the Drone X Pro for us, so you can get a good look at both the drones in our Drone X Pro review

The UK is a drone that is a good combination of professional drone features as well as intuitive and intuitive user design. We can enjoy countless hours of continuous flying this amazing drone in the air or we can double the fun by involving our own kids in our drone flight. There have been many reviews on Drone X Pro so far.

The Drone x Pro quadcopter drone has been designed by Hyper SLS Ltd and some quarters have reported that the Drone X Pro is considered to be one of the most effective drones available on the market for this price point. This drone can be due to its stunning futuristic looks as well as its strong capabilities.

We have mentioned in our Drone x Pro review that this drone is going to be perfect for those who want to know how a drone works or who are drone pilots without spending any extra money on their drone. want to upgrade. This drone is present in the market with a lot of advanced features that will surely attract experienced drone pilots.

However, one thing that must be noted before we buy it is that our Drone X Pro review in the UK is about a pretty decent entry-level model. No drone experience.

Let us not forget this and then say that we are caught in the Drone X Pro scam. Let us imagine for a minute that we are standing outside our house, watching our landscapes capture with our drone that is constantly flying in the air above us. All we can say about Drone X Pro is that this drone is a reasonably priced drone that is perfect for those drone pilots who can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a drone for themselves.

Hyperstech drone X pro review: How it is

According to our Drone X Pro Review UK, this drone is quite attractive. It is believed that the drone x Pro appears to be every E58 clone, a derivative of the more expensive and advanced Mavic Pro. This fact may make all the Drone X Pro scam stories we’ve heard come true, but this drone’s design language shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing. It is also said to be a foldable drone with a metallic grey colour scheme. When we look at its price, according to it it is not the heaviest drone. If we talk about its perfect weight which is just under 100 grams, which is a positive point for us as we will not need to register it to fly it in US, UK and Canada.

What’s in the box?

I borrowed a Drone X Pro from my friend who is a drone pilot a month ago to get a good review of drone X Pro. I noticed that despite the small asking price of the drone, the Drone X Pro was packaged in a sturdy and very high quality, durable box.

Also inside its box, some of the main components of drone x pro are given which I easily understood:

  • Drone
  • Spare Propellers
  • Instructional Manuals
  • Remote Controller
  • Battery
  • Prop Guards

The Drone X Pro is one such beginner-friendly drone that comes with a lot of great features at a decent price. All the equipment and components that come in the drone x pro box ensure that it is worth the money we spend on buying it.

Is it a scam?

As there is no clear popular mainstream company behind the successful Drone X Pro, many customers and enthusiast drone pilots believe that Drone X Pro scam.

Its official website also does it no favours. But let me tell you here in our review of this drone x pro that is totally real.

Because I borrowed it from my friend and that was exactly what was advertised. So, we must know that we are going to get exactly what we paid for drone x pro.

Unique Selling Point:

Perhaps by now, you must be wondering what makes Drone X Pro such a good in value quadcopter drone?. If you really think so, this is a great question and I am very happy to answer it.

The fact that the Drone X Pro offers such inclusion and epic features for such a low price makes this drone one of its main unique selling points. If you want to buy any other drone than Drone X Pro then you are going to take a long time.

Drone X Pro:

Drone X Pro is made by an Estonian technology company. They are consistently known in Europe for their innovative mind and good drone technology skills. The drones of this company are a bit high in terms of overall price which comes with good features.

The makers of the Drone X Pro may not be world-famous, but they are well known for their very efficient drone technology. Their products are innovative in terms of quality and cost-effective.

Features and Specs of Drone X Pro:

The main reason for the incredible success and popularity of the Drone X Pro is the huge variety of specifications and features that this drone offers.

Let us go through some of the key features of the Drone X Pro quadcopter drone to get an idea of ​​what it has to offer.


Drone X Pro 2022 uses a 12-megapixel camera for good picture quality. Which is a very high-quality pinhole camera that lets us capture amazing pictures as well as record an epic resolution video.

In fact, the resolution capability of this drone is 720p HD. But the frame rate of the camera of this drone is high, and we can expect amazing quality pictures from this tiny camera of ours.


Drone X Pro is equipped with a good quality gravity sensor with the help of which we will make our drone feel more stable. drone X Pro knows its surroundings very well which ensures that our drone doesn’t lose its course or crash.

This drone comes with Wi-Fi connectivity which gives even more stability to any drone. As most drone pilots know, Wi-Fi connectivity provides better stability to a drone than any other communication medium.


The battery for the Drone x Pro is included in the box. This drone comes drone x pro battery life with a large capacity 3.7V 500 Lithium battery which provides a good amount of flight to our drone. Which has a flight capacity of around 10 minutes which is good enough for a drone.

Remote Controller:

The remote controller that comes with the Drone X Pro is quite good. In which one mobile holder is present. This extends this with the one-key return, roll, flip, direction control, triggers, as well as the headless mode and all drone functions ..2.4GHz remote control for anti-interference

The comfort level of the Drone x Pro controller is the cleanest ever. We can not call it the best controller in the world. But at this price range, the Drone X Pro’s remote controller does more than what other drones expect.


If we talk about the performance of drone X Pro, then it is very good. This is a very fast drone and comes with a lot of ease of use, comfort, and good recording capability that we can expect from our price range.

Flight Range:

If we talk about the flight range of this drone, then we know that drones with Wi-Fi connectivity perform somewhat better than other quadcopter drones. So, our Drone X Pro also performs quite well.

The flight range of Drone X Pro is around 1 kilometre. This is the distance of the drone that we can travel without losing our Wi-Fi connectivity with the mobile on which our drone app is running.


Compared to popular drone brands like Unique and DJI by quadcopter drone standards, the Drone X Pro definitely lags behind all these drones in terms of speed.

Drone X Pro can easily fly 12 meters per second. Which is a fast drone and at its own pace, it records and captures amazing video for us and is perfect in angles and high quality.

We can get the Drone X Pro pretty neat with the dual-speed setting. We can easily switch 

between low and high-speed settings depending on where we are flying the drone.


The height range of the Drone X Pro is pretty surprising for a drone of its price. The drone can fly over 100 meters above the standard altitude before losing its stability.

Included Modes:

We like the Drone X Pro with a pretty neat collection of flight modes. It is not very difficult for us to learn them. So even a beginner drone pilot can easily mess with them. The main modes included in Drone X Pro are as follows:

  • Headless Mode
  • Panorama Mode
  • Replay Mode
  • 360-degree Flip Flop Mode

Benefits of Drone X Pro:

So, you are interested in drones and you are also thinking of buying Drone X Pro for yourself; Well, you will be happy to know all the amazing benefits of drone x pro that we find in this drone some better option than its other competing quadcopter drones. Let’s examine those options.

120 Degree Wide Angle Lens – Drone X Pro is present in the market with a high quality 120 Degree Wide Angle Lens which helps us to capture great angle pictures and make great videos without cutting any scene.

LED Nightlights – As a drone pilot, we know that other competing drone companies usually don’t pay much attention to this fact of the drone. We know that many drone enthusiasts lose their drones because of flying at night. drone X Pro drone comes with an LED Nightlights feature which prevents our drone from getting lost at night and we can fly even at night without any risk.

Wi-Fi connectivity – Wi-Fi connectivity drone is the main communication medium that is also used in Drone X Pro. This is much faster than any normal radio connectivity that most drones come with, the Wi-Fi connectivity in the Drone X Pro gives us a more stable connection.

Foldability – Even though the Drone X Pro comes with a compact build, the company has packed it with great features like foldability, so that we do not have any problem in storing this drone. Because of this, we can easily compete with this drone with other big drones.

Beginner Friendly – ​​Generally, drones can pose a bit of a problem for beginners due to the complex interface of a drone and the lack of certain features in the drone. Drone X Pro is relatively easy to use as compared to other drones which can be used by even beginner drone pilots. and enhances the experience of the drone enthusiast.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best personal drone on the market?

The best drone in 2022:  

DJI Mavic Air 2. Still offers great value for hobbyist fliers                                          DJI Air 2S. The best drone for most people                                                              DJI Mavic 3. The world’s most powerful compact drone (with a big price tag)         

DJI Mavic Mini                                                                                                           DJI Mavic 2 Zoom                                                                                                      DJI Mavic 2 Pro                                                                                                         Mini 2. The best drone foDJIr beginners, now with 4K powers

What makes DroneX Pro so special?

Drone x Pro comes with a superb speed of up to 19 meters per second. Drone x Pro is very helpful for us to do adventure over large areas within a short time. The drone X Pro is a foldable drone that measures just 85 grams, which makes the Drone X Pro a portable device. It also has a distinctive feature that many similar products lack; automatic landing and takeoff

Is DroneX Pro real?

If for the photography enthusiast in us, then the Drone X Pro definitely does a reliable job for us. With its affordable cost in its operation, new drones in the market have attracted the attention of the customers. The high-quality performance of the Drone X Pro drone is proven by numerous Drone X Pro drone reviews

Pros and Cons:

It would be a good decision for us if we thoroughly examine the main pros and cons of Drone X Pro before making our final decision to buy our drone.

Some of the main advantages and disadvantages we might face if we buy this drone for ourselves are:


Drone x Pro is stronger and more durable than other drones.

If we look at some of its special features, then relatively cheap in comparison.

Our 12-megapixel camera can record high-quality videos and take stunning pictures with ease.


The flight time of Drone X Pro is slightly less as compared to other drones.

Its design is similar to other normal quadcopter drones

How to fly Drone X Pro?

Learning to fly this drone; Well, lucky for you, I’ve created a complete flying guide for your very own Drone X Pro quadcopter drone. Let’s walk through each step.

Step 1: Turn on the Drone and Remote-

In our first step, we are going to turn on our Drone X Pro. There is a power button on the rear of this drone that turns on the lights as soon as the drone is started. The remote controller of this drone is also easily turned on with the button placed in the middle.

As soon as we turn on the remote controller of this drone, we hear a beep and then only after that we will be able to take the Drone X Pro for a spin. Now we should move on to our next step.

Step 2: Start the app-

This is the part of drone x pro where we are going to start flying applications. This FHD FPV application is compatible with Drone X Pro app. Turn it on and we’re in business now.

At this point, we need to connect our Dronex Pro to our mobile device via Wi-Fi connectivity. Here we will not need any default password, so we will be able to make the connection very easily. Now we must move on to our third step.

Step 3: Learn Remote Controller-

On the remote controller of drone x pro, we will find several buttons as well as the controlling analogue sticks. We are going to control the direction as well as the speed of our drone using these sticks while in flight.

Using its remote triggers, we can control the rolls and pitches of the drone. We can use its headless mode trigger to really nail down the use of the Drone X Pro for ourselves.

Step 4: Fly the Drone and Use-

Now it’s time to fly our drone. Now we are going to fully use the mobile application and the remote controller. It is for us to choose whether we want to go on an easy route or we have chosen a complicated route for our drone flight.

Fly the drone low or high, slow or fast, or do stunts with it and record amazing footage for yourself. It’s all up to us now. We are now the masters of our videography dreams.

How Did I Test the Drone X Pro Drone?

The drone testing approach I’ve taken is standard to the protocol. Let us now throw light on a drone testing procedure that I followed while testing my Drone X Pro. So that you can easily make sure that we have made this review for you using drone x pro to the fullest.

flight test:

Firstly, I thoroughly tested the flying capability and prowess of this Drone X Pro using the remote controller. With its single key take-off and return, the take-off and landing of this drone is really a thrill that is going to enhance your drone flying experience.

Then I thoroughly checked the drone x pro’s other, second, movement parameters. There is very good communication between the machine and the controller and which keeps on pitching continuously with the roll.

Test image and video:

Now it was the turn of the video testing and image of this drone. As advertised about this drone, this Drone X Pro comes with 720p HD video resolution quality and a stunning 12MP camera for taking great pictures.

The various recording tools and options are on point, along with image processing and HD video, in the Drone X Pro. This drone performs well for its price.

Test Application:

With the drone application that the Drone X Pro comes with, we need to do a little testing ourselves to see how it performs. Surprisingly, this drone application is quite good in performance even though its interface is not good. Which is fast, and fully responsive to our drone’s love. We can also control the camera controls and settings very easily through this app. ( AirMap for Drones)

Is drone x pro worth the hype?

After thoroughly scrutinizing the specifications, features, pros and cons and everything, we have found that the Drone X Pro really deserves the hype it is getting; Well, I would definitely say yes. This is going to be a good Epic drone for you, which is very economical and easy to fly.

If you also want to buy a similar drone for yourself then you must buy Drone X Pro because this drone has the potential to teach you the art of flying a drone with tons of modes and features.

Where to buy Drone X Pro?

If you are thinking of buying a quadcopter after seeing our Drone X Pro review, it is currently available on the Drone X Pro official website to buy from drone enthusiasts.

You can order drone x pro from anywhere in the world and the process to buy this drone is mentioned on the drone x pro website. If instead of buying that drone from their website, you want to buy it from Amazon, then we have the option of that too.

We can easily find Drone X Pro on Amazon also where we can get information about our delivery area. We will be able to purchase this drone from Amazon only when this drone is available for delivery to our delivery area.

DJI Ryze Tello: Best Alternative to Drone X Pro-

The Drone X Pro 2022 proves to be one of the best budget quadcopter drones with amazing modes and options to choose from and the features that make it stand out from other drones.

But if we want to buy a drone that is the same or better than drone x pro, let’s take competing drones. I would definitely recommend the DJI Tello Raz drone to you.

The DJI Tello Raz is going to be an exceptional budget drone for you that comes with a massive 13-minute flight time along with a high-quality 720P recording capability.

So, if we want to get a good drone for ourselves, and we don’t want to get the Drone X Pro, then we should definitely go for the Tello Raz.


The Drone X Pro 2022 is the perfect quadcopter for a beginner drone pilot. If we just want to learn the craft right now and our budget is a bit tight, then Drone X Pro is a good drone for us.

I hope that through this article of ours, you must have known everything that you would be expecting from it. And you will be going to buy drone x pro for yourself.

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