EXO Drones: Made In the USA and Best EXO Drones 2023

Some beautiful mechanical birds fly with fun in the buzzing air. I am not talking to you about an aeroplane here, but I am talking about a drone. We can also call a drone an unmanned aerial vehicle. Any drone additionally includes a ground-based control that directs a drone into the air. Due to the increasing scientific innovation, these drones have been made very useful for individuals in various aspects.

If we talk about the use of drones in today’s time, then drones are used in information gathering, law enforcement, agriculture and much more. Drones are also used by firefighters to extinguish forest fires. With drone technology being good, they are still very affordable. There are many drone companies claiming to develop the best drones right now and one of those companies is EXO Drones. If we want to know more about this EXO drone company and its amazing capabilities, then we can visit the EXO Drone customer reviews section at US-Review.

Are you looking to buy a high-performance, cinematic drone for photography that can provide you with a great cinematic experience and high-quality photos and images? If the price tag for your own drone is not a concern then you should definitely try out an EXO Drone.

If we talk about the EXO drone company then EXO makes some best and most advanced drones for us, even beginners of EXO drones can use them very easily. That is after EXO drone company manufactures and sells drones to us, they also provide up-to-date tutorials and excellent customer support. Exo company’s best drones include X7 Ranger Plus, EXO X7 Ranger, EXO Cinemaster 1 and 2 and EXOPro Blackhawk.

Please keep reading to learn more about this brand and what their drones have to offer.

Is EXO a Good Brand?

EXO drone company is based in the state of Wyoming, United States. It is run from Salt-Lake-City, from where all its operations are well managed. Exo Drone Company has proved to be a boon for all the Nokia drone pilots who have initially faced major difficulties in flying the drone.

The EXO drone company had a different approach to drone technology, making EXO the world’s best-known drone manufacturing company. EXO drones are easy and powerful even for beginners.

The EXO company had already noticed the drawbacks of drones flown by inexperienced pilots. Which ended in many accidents and when somewhere developed a new generation of drones that can do more than we all expected.

The EXO company has prepared for us a range of innovative drones packed with excellent features, although they probably cost us more than ever.

Our important points to note about EXO; EXO drone company produces high-end drones for us with AI technology. As we all know that more technology means more difficulty for the users to understand which is applicable in every field. But not so with EXO drones. The EXO drone company designs its drones with novice users in mind.

What if we still have doubts? We should know that Calvin O’Leary of Shark Tank has endorsed the EXO company’s drones, Calvin O’Leary of Shark Tank also known as Mr Wonderful. Seeing how tough, agile and diligent they are when they are in use on the show, tells you that the EXO company is doing a lot in the drone world.

Below is what you find in EXO drones. 


EXO keeping our dream and vision in mind, we provide a quality camera that is capable of capturing 4K with great resolution.

The EXO drone camera produces 12MP or 9MP and 2K to 4K video capture capabilities for cinematic images.

The camera features used in the EXO drone are so unique. Depending on what we want to do with our drone camera, EXO company provides us with a wide range of drone cameras to choose from.

Do we want to capture memorable moments with our camera or go cinematic with videos for Phil our YouTube channel, Facebook, or any other social sites? EXO drone is perfect for doing this as it has some special features related to photography and videography which are very few in any other drone.

The EXO drone cameras can tilt up to 120 degrees with ease, enjoy editing with impressive filtering capability, can take hands-free high-resolution selfies, and share video with us with ease.

Handling an EXO Drone:

If we have ever flown a drone in our life, then we may be aware of the dreaded difficulties that we have to go through in the beginning. So we might have ended up in an accident, and not once.

We must think once about the navigation that we have to take first vertically and then horizontally. We can remember this very easily, especially when other factors such as wind sticks,

EXO drone company has noticed the flaws in drones and continuously corrected them by taking a different path from other drone makers. EXO continuously uses a 3-axis gimbal in its drones that stabilizes our quadcopter midair while a drone is in flight.

As if that’s not enough for a good drone, their drones are equipped with brushless, download sensors and solid motors to ensure their stability during motion in windy weather.

The Return Home Feature:

If the battery of our drone gets depleted very quickly or if we are just a novice and we can’t get back to flying our drone quickly then we can lose our drone very soon. So we should use the EXO drone which is known to have very strong GPS and location-sensitive drones. This ensures that we can fly it back with great ease by activating its flyback feature.

EXO Battery Power:

Depending on the EXO drone model, its drone batteries can easily last from 21 to 42 minutes on a full charge. What proves to be more impressive is that we can charge our drone battery and enjoy our flight without any hiccups.

The Most Portable, Take Anyway Technology:

We can easily take the EXO drone for transportation as it is very easy to fold and pack because the EXO drone is lightweight and portable. EXO drones are very easy to use even though WiFi or cellular network is not mandatory.

Some EXO Drone Models for Every Need & Budget:

EXOPro Blackhawk:

The EXOPro Blackhawk is going to be a great drone for beginners who are just too loner to fly drones.

For our drone flight debut, we will definitely love its bright colour of strong metal, which makes it unique and more sturdy. The EXOPro Blackhawk is touted as the Blackhawk for its durability and strength.

What is it about this drone that makes it a great drone?

The EXOPro Blackhawk uses a professional lens and 4K resolution to deliver artistic videos and images that we are sure to love. In this, a good and advanced type of three-axis gimbal has been used. The gimbal provides stability to the drone without which a camera would reflect motor shakes, all winds, and tremors throughout the flight. This means that if it is not there then we will have poor quality images and videos.

The gimbal used in the EXOPro Blackhawk is designed to withstand more turbulence than we can imagine. I noted during flight the EXOPro Blackhawk how quickly it would correct all the images we took during the pitch and roll experience.

It uses a decent hyper-lapse mode that lets us easily slow it down to below 40% speed and re-accelerate it smoothly, making our overall flying experience a lot more fun Is.

The EXOPro Blackhawk drone can fly higher than any other normal drone and can easily transmit images up to 8km in real-time. And with the flight control app, you can instantly share that footage on social sites easily We do.

The low battery alert feature used in this allows us to take our adventures for a comfortable flight of up to 43 minutes. This is no less than any other brand which reduces the flight time from 8 to 20 minutes.

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Other features include;

Its four-pack battery life is excellent and lets us cover our drone for an easy 172 minutes, with 43 minutes for each battery. Which is an assured cinematic experience of over two hours for us.

The 4K full video quality it brings is incomparable. From my experience as a drone pilot, the EXOPro Blackhawk’s camera quality is better than any other drone brand I’ve flown.

It makes good use of our hyper-lapse mode to manage the time-lapse very well. The good thing about Hyper-lapse mode is that when we use it, we don’t need to edit the images or videos we captured as we are ready to see them with the help of Hyper-lapse technology. Many thanks for

We create dream shots simply by drawing circles around one of our objects on the screen, and the EXOPro Blackhawk will do the rest of our work with amazing results.

We can also hover over any of our objects with its help, and also drop a pin on the map,

We can also create dynamic video by dropping our pins in a sequence, then the EXOPro Blackhawk drone goes over them in a sequence.


EXOPro Blackhawk drone A lightweight and easily portable.

The drone comes with many advanced features like parallax, hyper-lapse and automatic photography.

extended flight time


We might find its landing and prop guards a bit flimsy

It is a bit expensive as compared to other cheap brands.

EXO Cinemaster 2:

If we talk about EXO Cinemaster 2 drone then it is the most affordable stellar grade copter. It’s like an epic fully adjustable camera system that can effortlessly capture incredible images even at a high speed of 23 MPH.

Do we want to be John Woo or the legend Steven Spielberg?

EXO Cinemaster 2 does its best to bring us as close as possible. It has an in-camera sensor, a 4K video and a great three-axis gimbal. As a drone pilots, we know very well what these facilities mean on board. If you don’t know, I want to let you know.

The camera sensor helps us determine image size, low light performance, dynamic range, depth of field, resolution, lens, and motion capture capability.

This means we’ll also have a more dynamic range, brighter images that look softer to us. Although we can’t measure up to what Hollywood demands from them, they are far better than most cameras.

What I love about the EXO Cinemaster 2 drone is the real-time-flight dynamics of this drone. We can easily watch flights in real-time directly on our FPV without lifting our heads.

Which of its features One Switch Sport Mode and One-Button Return to Home deliver a more sporty flight and capture experience respectively and return home safely?

Some other features of this Drone Pack;

EXO Cinemaster 2Safety Auto Return:

This drone has a good inbuilt GPS which is very helpful in knowing the exact take-off point. This means, once we just have to activate the Return to Home feature, our copter will reach the starting point very easily.

EXO Cinemaster 2 Dual Camera:

The state-of-the-art camera technology used in it gives us what we wanted long ago; Bright colours, amazing pictures and soft looks.

High Night Visibility:

This drone also comes with bright external LEDs which makes it easy for us to fly it at night. That is if we want to watch it in real-time while in the air.

720p-Live Feed Do we know this EXO Cinemaster 2 has a live feed?

We can easily view the live moving images of the drone camera directly on our FPV using the live feed.

EXO Cinemaster 2 Interchangeable Battery:

We can replace the battery for any of our drone-related work to continue. Battery low alert should not detract from our cinematic experience in any way.

Smooth, Crisp Videos:

The drone can also easily deliver 11MP photos, 4K videos, slow-motion zero shake images. We can take pictures at 25 MPH with clarity and high resolution without blurring.

The EXO Cinemaster 2 drone features brushless motors, replaceable propellers, and 25MPH of Sport Mode speed. If anything happens to our drone, we can quickly and easily replace its parts and continue with our drone work.


EXO Cinemaster 2’s advanced security features.

This is one of the best camera systems for the price.

This drone has the feature of night visibility which a common drone does not have.


EXO Cinemaster 2 drone is a bit slow compared to EXO X7 Ranger Plus

It’s a low-quality live feed.

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EXO X7 Ranger:

If we’ve never flown the EXO X7 Ranger quadcopter or any other drone before, we’re about to find out why the EXO X7 drone should be on our bucket list.

For starters, this quadcopter costs a whole lot more than the EXO X7. EXO drone company Instead of placing great emphasis on profit margins from their products, they emphasize quality and performance.

We would have never imagined that the EXO company would have the EXO X7 Ranger copter with such exclusive features for just $409.

If we are looking to buy the EXO X7 Ranger copter during our holiday season then our favourite drone is available for $259, which is $150 off right now which is a nice saving.

The drone can easily fly for at least 21 minutes before changing the battery or bringing the drone back home.

And still, the features of the EXO X7 Ranger are not finished. The EXO X7 Ranger is equipped with a camera that captures 2048 x 1080p video for us. This means that our images are going to be super-clear and very detailed.

With a three-axis gimbal stabilizer, the speed at which this copter for us captures moving images at 24-26 MPH is unbelievable. We would feel like these images were captured by stationary cameras like the Canon EOS Mark IV.

What if the EXO X7 battery gets low?

The EXO X7 Ranger has flight controls that allow us to recall our drone at any time. All we have to do is put our finger on the controller and the drone starts flying back.

The EXO X7 Ranger’s yaw and throttle are ultra-sensitive, making our experience even more enjoyable and expressive. Using Yaw we can easily rotate the EXO X7 Ranger clockwise and anticlockwise with incredible speed without affecting the stability of either the camera or the copter, thanks to the strong gimbal stabilizer used in the EXO.

And finally, its throttle will determine how much we give to each motor, thereby controlling the rotation of the drone. This drone is very good for the price.


EXO X7 Ranger is an easy to use and very efficient drone.

The EXO X7 Ranger’s battery life is more than enough for a pilot’s entertainment experience per trip.

Compared to other big and expensive drones, EXO X7 Ranger offers us good more features for less money.


The EXO X7 Ranger might prove to be a bit pricey for a frequent user of other cheaper brands.

To master how to fly the EXO X7 Ranger, we should already need a little training.

EXO X7 Ranger Plus:

EXO X7 Ranger Plus drone Despite the low price tag, it packs a lot more features than we could have imagined. We get this drone as an upgrade to EXO X7 Ranger, and as a result of this drone, EXO X7 Ranger Plus is superfast and an advanced drone, and being a drone pilot gives us a better flying experience.

The EXO X7 Ranger Plus is capable of providing fast navigation with speeds up to 27 MPH. Wonderful! During my weekend, this copter goes crazy with its superb controls.

Yaw is sensitive and soft, so the response is quick mid-air. But the EXO X7 Ranger Plus has some downsides as well. While quick reactions can generally help prevent drone accidents, they can also cause an accident when we accidentally touch its joystick.

My best experience with the EXO X7 Ranger Plus has been with its rotational controls. The EXO X7 Ranger Plus can be flipped easily with a great view.

Another essential feature of EXO X7 Ranger Plus is the return home button used in it which is very fast and using which we can call back our drone within seconds.

The EXO X7 Ranger 7 comes with three-sport flight modes that give us the advantage of a variety of control options. Also, it will help us to keep the Alt Hold drone level during flight and in roll-and-pitch altitude.

Stabilize allows us to stabilize the EXO X7 Ranger Plus as it rolls and its functions as well as ease of pitch. We will definitely love the stability feel of this copter as it allows us to slide our drone in the air with ease.

The EXO X7 Ranger 7’s loiter system is designed to use a solid GPS to conveniently position our drone and track the drone. Not many other models on the market offer us the same features as the EXO X7 Ranger 7 at such a low price.

If we use EXO X7 Ranger 7 then we don’t have to worry about losing our drone at all as EXO 7 Ranger Plus uses an excellent RTL (Return to Launch) mechanism.

Once we have detected the low battery of the drone using its low battery detector, just let us activate our RTL, and here comes our drone for a soft land.

Landing on the EXO X7 Ranger plus is generally relatively smooth and easy as the land mode in the EXO X7 Ranger 7 is used well structured.

Another feature that I really like about this model is the super auto mode it uses. Once we activate the super auto mode, we don’t need to worry about our drone, as this drone will wind up smoothly by following our preset commands, making good use of its obstruction detectors. Slides in securely.

I’m surprised to tell you that this model doesn’t have any drawbacks, except that if they can only extend the flight time by more than 40 minutes, we’ll be fully equipped.

The camera technology used in the EXO X7 Ranger plus drone is surprising to us. We can capture better images than its predecessor and the EXO X7 Ranger plus offers more fun with its editing capabilities.


It has enough flight time for both beginners and experienced pilots. We can cover and capture great images for pleasure as well as business.

This is a great quadcopter for us at a reasonable price

It gives us as a drone pilot the fun experience that we will enjoy with the incredible speed and fine controls of EXO X7 Ranger plus.


For drone users from cheap companies or average earning drone pilots, the EXO X7 Ranger plus price may turn out to be a slight downside, which might be a bit pricey for them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q How does the EXO X7 Ranger protect us from obstacles?

Ans Do X7 Ranger Plus drones have obstacle avoidance? Yes! Now we have a drone that supports obstacle avoidance – the X7 Ranger Plus. … In the time that this drone is landing, we still have the X-axis control over the drone, and get it back as far as it takes to land.

 Q How much does an EXO drone cost?

Ans We get good features in EXO company which also provides us with an interchangeable battery with a flight time of 25 minutes, which we can use to enhance our shooting session. It’s only by looking at its amazing features that we’ll know how the EXO X7 Ranger earned 4.1 out of five stars on Amazon. Right now, you can get this awesome drone from us for $278 down from $327. Prices are subject to change


If you’ve got it now! As we know EXO offers more for less, and they are determined to satisfy their customers forever.

If I had to choose one of these for myself, I would definitely choose the EXO X7 Ranger Plus. It strikes a fine balance of an easy-to-learn flying experience and an excellent camera for us and may prove to be the safest drone we can fly.

I love the land mode, RTL features and 40-minute flight time of this drone the most. But I am a normal user right now. If I think of it as a film production then EXO Cinemaster 2 would have been my first choice.

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