FIMI X8 Mini Drone Review: The Most Powerful Budget in 2023

So when we have good and well priced drones like DJI Mini 2, DJI Mini SE, and DJI Mini 3, Fimi released their Fimi X8 Mini directly as their competition.

Let’s compare them well, as we know that DJI drones are great and they are also very expensive, so Xiaomi has found a cheap alternative for us. But the thing for us to think about is, can we really compare Xiaomi Fimi X8 Mini with the DJI Mini Drone? I have tried it out as a drone pilot, and I have summarised everything that I felt during that time which is going to be very helpful for you to buy a good and cheap drone.

There are some excellent features we found in Xiaomi’s Fimi X8 Mini that we could find in expensive drones like the DJI Mini and Mini 2 at a good price.As we know that Fimi X8 is cheap drone yet we can shoot easily in Fimi X8 4K at 30fps, this is what we get with a decent flight time of 30 minutes, in Fimi X8 we get some excellent flying time. There are also modes which are often seen in expensive drones, we can produce raw pictures from Fimi X8, and Xiaomi’s Fimi X8 drone weighs very less, which is around 250 grams. However, the DJI Mini 2 is way ahead of the Fimi X8 in terms of price as well as some aspects.

To know more about Xiaomi’s Fimi X8 mini drone, please read our summary till the end to know whether the Fimi X8 Mini is worth your money and how we can do it better.

About The Company: Xiaomi

Xiaomi is already known as a smartphone company, which is a major electronics manufacturer. However, Xiaomi has made other devices like laptops, tablets, IoT and aerial drones. But these drones are made by a subsidiary of Xiaomi which is known as Fimi.

Founded in 2010, this Xiaomi smartphone company is still trusted by millions of its users. Xiaomi has retained this approach.

However, the Fimi X8 Mini is not Xiaomi’s first drone. Other drone models from Xiaomi are also gaining a lot of popularity in the market. We have included some of their exclusive drone models below for you;

  • Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE
  • Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K
  • Xiaomi Fimi A3

 Fimi X8 Mini Overview:

As we told you in the beginning, Xiaomi has created the  fimi x8 mini vs dji mini 2,  which we can also guess from its “Mini” name.

Before knowing well about it, we must know some features which we have given below for you.

Brand: Xiaomi, Fimi

Model: Fimi X8 Mini

Type: Outdoor Quadcopter

Communication Features: WiFi APP Control,Radio Control,Brushless Version,WiFi FPV

Motor Type: Best Brushless Motor

Functions: Camera,Precision Landing,Smart-tracking,Livestreaming,Time-lapse,Panorama,Forward/backward,One Key Taking Off,FPV,Hover,High Wind Warning,Flight-plan Shooting,One Key Automatic Return,Tap to Fly, Turn Left/Right, Up/Down, Waypoint, SAR (Search and Rescue Mode)

Satellite System: GLONASS,BEIDOU,GPS,

Sensor: Sonar,Optical Flow,

Built-in Gyro: 6 Axis Gyro

Material: Electronic Components, Carbon Fibre, PC

Kit Type: RTF

FPV Distance: 4.5Kms

Model Power: Built-in rechargeable battery

Battery: 15.2V 5100mAh LiPo

Flight time: about 32 minutes

Charging time: approx 3.8

Video Resolution: 30 fps 4K HDR

Drone Weight: 258g

Fimi X8 Mini Package Weight: 1.905 lbs.

Product size: 200 x 145 x 56 mm (open) or 145 x 85 x 56 mm (folded)

Unique Selling Point of fimi X8 :

So, now you must be wondering how it compares with the DJI Mini or Mini 2 and why we should buy it. Well, to know the answer to all these questions, some of the attractive features of this drone are given below.

We like the Fimi X8 with a maximum altitude range of 4000 metres, which is relatively high considering DJI limits its drone to 500 metres. If we like to drone on mountainous areas then this is going to be very perfect for us.

It’s cheaper than the Mini 2. While the Fimi X8 can also function like the Mini 2 in most aspects, the Fimi X8 costs up to $100 less than the DJI Mini 2, making it a good drone for those looking to get one at a lower cost. Want to get a good drone?

Since the Fimi X8 weighs less than 2150 grams, we may not even need to register it.

night shooting

Rescue and inbuilt search mode.

What’s In Fimi X8 Mini the Box?

Fimi has put a lot of effort into making its Fimi X8 Mini a miniature drone. Even the packaging of the Fimi X8 Mini which weighs around 1 kg, can give us an impression that there is not much that we should have got.

  • The quadcopter
  • Remote Controller
  • USB-C cable
  • Controller to smartphone cables
  • Battery
  • Spare propellers
  • Instruction Manual
  • Screw Driver
  • USB-C cable 
  • Gimbal cover
  • Screws
  • Instruction Manual

Specs and Features of the Fimi X8 Mini:

Here is a detailed review of this drone.


As we all know that the camera of the drone is very important in any drone. What I mean to say to you is that any of us like to see pictures taken with a drone camera more than watching it from the ground by flying our drone.

fimi x8 mini camera drone features a 4K HDR camera and is equipped with 12-megapixel still photo resolution, 1/2.6-inch sensor and 80-degree field of view. With the 3-axis gimbal found in it, we can easily take good photos even in the air.

One of the key features of the Fimi X8 drone as a professional photographer is its ability to capture images in RAW and JPEG formats with ease. We can work with RAW with more detail, and then it is made more accessible to us later during the editing process.

 This lovely drone also comes with 3 lossless zoom facilities, with the help of which we can capture a good photo even from a distance. However, we may notice some slight loss of image quality while zooming in on a photo.

Featuring an inbuilt night shooting feature that makes this drone a must-have for night photographers, Fimi X8 is built on Hisilicon professional AI algorithm which is perfect for drone pilots looking to shoot night shots in cities |

This drone reduces AI noise to a great extent by capturing finer details from the camera.

Flight Time:

We get an impressive flight time of 30 minutes in the Fimi X8 drone which we have not found in any drone of this price. This also makes the Fimi X8 drone very special. However, when we fly our drone in different conditions, it is also an average of 25 minutes.


Right now we can get Xiaomi’s The fimi x8 mini battery which have two battery 

; Which 2200mAh LiPo battery is a light and 2400mAh Li-ion battery is a heavy

If we don’t want to register one of our drones somehow, we should use a lighter LiPo battery to fly it. But if we use a li-ion battery in this, even if it drives our drone a little more than 250g, then we will need to register the fimi x8 mini based on the regulations of our region.

Also, LiPo battery offers better performance than Li-ion battery but make sure you follow proper care procedures for charging, discharging and storage.

Flight Modes:

As we know, any quality drone must have a good camera with intelligent flight mode. When it comes to flight modes, the Fimi X8 Mini isn’t far behind. We have given below some of the attractive drone modes available in it.

Smart Tracking Mode – This flight mode is a variant of the follow-me mode used in most drones. We always choose the object of interest to us, and in this case a drone will follow us from behind. It’s an excellent drone for athletes, vloggers, hikers, or anyone who loves filming themselves while they’re outside.As the DJI Mini series lacks the follow-me feature so far, this is a plus point of the Fimi X8 Mini, which makes it the best from DJI in this respect. However before we launch this app to our drone, it must be ensured that there is no obstruction in our drone area. Because as of now this drone only features the anti-collision sensor at the bottom and the Fimi X8 Mini still lacks sensors on the back and front.

One-Tap Shots – If we’re passionate about taking quick cinematic shots without any blur or latency, then the Fimi X8 Mini is going to make it quite that convenient for you.

Flight Plan Shooting – This flight mode we know as waypoint flying, this is where we pre-determine the path our drone drone will follow and fly our drone on drone autopilot with our full attention to photography or focus on another task.

Time-lapse – The pictures we take by time-lapse technique are really very good, but before taking these pictures we have to manually set its frequency well in some cases. But to make it very easy for us, there is an inbuilt feature in Fimi X8.

Live Streaming – As a drone pilot we all love to share our footage live with our fans or friends. With Fimi X8 we can easily livestream with our friends via social media channels.

Panorama – This is such a unique feature of this drone that it allows us to take wide-angle pictures with great ease. We can also do night photography and landscape photography very easily using this.

SAR Mode – Excellent transmission and cameras, 3X zoom make the Fimi X8 Drone a perfect drone for rescue missions and search.


Due to its ergonomic design and the brushless motor it uses, the Fimi X8 offers higher performance than a normal drone. We get two flight modes in the Fimi X8, a sport mode in which we get a top drone speed of up to 50 mph and a normal mode in which it travels at a normal speed.

Operating Range:

Fimi has made significant improvements in the connection area in Fimi X8 over its previous drones and it currently uses 5.87 GHz WiFi transmission. Which enables our fimi x8 mini range to achieve a maximum operating range of up to 8 KM.

While it’s still less than what DJI’s OcuSync uses for connections in the Mini 2, it’s a bit better than the DJI Mini 1’s connection.


Talking about the stability of this drone, the company claims the Fimi X8 Mini can handle level 5 winds. which is very less. The Fimi X8 Mini sports an efficient motor, its triple positioning system and propeller system.

Even though it is a light drone, it can still fly with high winds. This is a plus point for this, plus the good thing is that it has a high wind warning system which alerts us to handle our drone in strong winds.


So if we compare the controller in this, then it is quite solid from the others. There are slides and two antennas to adjust the smartphone size to place our smartphones.

For some equipment to be used, we may even need to remove our cover for a good fit.

For better control of your drone camera, there is a dial button and a record button on the top left side of the joystick. It has comfortable sticks for our hands, which we can remove easily, which also fits snugly under the controller afterwards.

While on the right side of the controller, it’s the RTH button and on the left, right near our palm, is the power button.

As I mentioned earlier also OTG cables, with the help of these we can connect our smartphone to our OTG controller. But we have to make sure whether our smartphone supports OTG mode or not.

We can easily control and launch all the functions of our drone with the help of Fimi Navi Mini App. Although its connection completely depends on our smartphone, the better the quality, the better the connection will be available.

Although we can well fly this drone with a controller only.

Fimi X8 Mini Pros and Cons:


It has excellent flight times.

We can get it at a lower cost than other drones.

It’s easy to fly and install.

This drone remains fairly stable even in moderate winds.

In this drone we get a wide range of flight modes


Some Fimi X8 Mini users have experienced connection issues with the drone, often disconnecting itself.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Fimi is Xiaomi?

At Fimi we can recognize the value of Xiaomi. Xiaomi designs more than half of our products based on the democratic design concept, and strongly believes that good design is the design most people are willing to use and should be affordable to use.

Does fimi X8 Mini have geofencing?

The US fimi X8 Mini has a maximum speed limit of 16m/s (35.8 mph). This drone has more ACs than a pricey drone that Xiaomi promises to give us. This feature is what we find in DJI’s Mini or Mini 2 drone, which costs twice as much, no-fly-zone with GPS real-time tracking, and return to home.

How much does the FIMI X8 Mini cost?

fimi x8 mini is a nice and strong drone Image result for drone

We can now easily buy the Fimi X8 Mini from the store at its official price for around £268 / AU$500.

How to Fly the Fimi X8 Mini:

Now that you are planning to buy this drone or you have bought it, now let’s see how to fly it. Know in detail.

Setup Process:

We can take a closer look at this drone to understand and see all its features after unboxing it. It has a switch button to switch the drone between Wi-Fi, SD card slot, USB port, charging port along with battery and controller at the back.

To set up for flight, unfold the Fimi X8 Mini by extending its arms out like a Mavic Air 2 or Mini 2 drone.


Before we fly our drone, we must check that the battery of our drone and controller is fully charged. It will take at least 3 hours for them to be fully charged, we should patiently charge it fully.

Install the App:

You have to download the app by scanning the QR code you get during unboxing with your smartphone.

Power Up the Drone and Connect the Controller:

Insert the battery into your drone and then press the power button on the bottom of the drone once, then press again until we hear a beep. And then do the same to start its controller.

We don’t need to do anything to connect our controller and drone. Just look at the flashing LED on the left side of the controller and it is still flashing so the drone is still not connected to the controller.

And we will start seeing solid light when the drone and controller are connected.

Then, we have to connect the controller to our smartphone, open the Fimi Navi app on your phone, and follow all the prompts shown on the app. They also contain a tutorial for us on how to update the firmware and use the app for drones.

We will see a pop-up that says to update firmware we have to click on it and wait for your drone app firmware to update.

If we want to watch live footage of this app drone, then by doing this it’s settings to choose file transfer we will be able to watch live footage.

Basic Settings:

Check it out thoroughly before flying your drone. Also determine how we will use our drone in the event of an emergency. We can also set the ac state our drone to hover, rth or land, with rth we can format the sd card and set the height of the drone.

Note – We should keep rebooting the drone during the setup process of our drone. And make sure our drone room doesn’t get too hot when we set up the firmware update to operate the drone.

First Flight:

We have to launch our drone by clicking on the auto-launch button, and then we have to drag it into the box and hold it down. Once we release it to fly unevenly, our drone will automatically take off. And that’s all, then we can do whatever we want with our drone, now you will have complete control over it.


Make sure that we have calibrated your drone by compass calibration or not. We must do this before the drone flight.

We hold the drone horizontally and rotate it clockwise until it is approved by its app.

Then, rotate your drone by holding the drone upright to match a checkmark on the app.

What’s It Like to Fly the Fimi X8 Mini?

As I mentioned in the beginning, to get to know this drone better, I have myself tested and understood it in the open field.

And as I mentioned about this drone, it has a flight range of up to 8 kms which is true to some extent even though I did not walk 8 kms with it.

I took some pictures from it to test its camera which was also quite accurate. But the DJI has a little latency compared to the Mini 2, but its camera is good.

Then we will have no problem setting it up if we have used DJI Mini 2 or any other DJI drone before. But if the drone is just a beginner to flying then we should take help from the user manuals that come with it.

Fimi X8 Mini Alternative – DJI Mini 2:

If the DJI Mini 2 didn’t exist for us, the Fimi X8 Mini would have been the best entry-level drone for professional photographers and beginner drone pilots alike. However, there is still some downside in the Fimi X8 Mini compared to the DJI Mini 2 which is just right for its price. fimi x8 mini 3 axis 4k foldable drone,

Good and durable material has been used to make the fimi x8 mini price. If you really want to buy a drone and your budget is a bit high then go for the Mini 2. But if we want to buy a good drone on a low budget then the Fimi X8 Mini is still the perfect drone.

Final Thoughts:

So, should we buy this Fimi X8 mini drone after this fimi x8 mini review? Yes, it is worth the hype and money. Because we get an excellent camera, above average build quality, ActiveTrack, extended battery life and some nice and advanced flight modes. We get all these features in the precious Mini 2.

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