10 Best Camera Tripods For Photography to Buy in 2023

If we work for a photographer, or drone photography or any Youtube channel, then we will be looking for the best camera tripod for our photography work to do it simple and well, we can use it in photography – So let me tell you that this article is going to be absolutely right for you.

A tripod is a basic and good tool for a YouTuber or photographer which is one of the most essential things for them.

But when we want to buy a camera tripod for ourselves, we see that there are so many options available in front of us in the market, it becomes even more difficult for us to know which camera tripod we should buy from them.

What is the use of a camera tripod?

As a professional photographer you probably know how important it is for a photographer to have a good best camera tripod.

With its help, we can keep the camera stable even in low light and at the same time the camera tripod helps in improving the image quality and sharpness even more.

We can also use the camera timer and tripod for self-portraits

However, we should also know that tripods can be used by photographers as well as streamers and YouTubers tend to create a YouTube vlog for themselves for a high degree of consistency. This is why the tripod is a useful tool.

A good camera tripod is also used in landscape photography for proper framing of a subject as well as for capturing HDR and panoramic images.

Additionally, with the combination of a great camera and a great tripod, we can easily capture impressive video clips and pictures.

So if we are also looking to buy the best camera tripod for ourselves and want to know about the best tripod to pair with your camera right now, then here is my list of the best top 10 tripods of 2022 for you. is included in.

10 Best Camera Tripods for Getting the Best Creative for Us

Manfrotto 190XPro4—Best Overall Tripod

Joby GorillaPod 1K—The Most Affordable Tripod

Vanguard VO 3+263AB—The Most Versatile Tripod

Manfrotto 290 Dual—Most Stable Tripod

Rhino FRHN34CVX30—Best for Pros

Peak Travel Tripod-Best Tripod for a Traveling Photographer

Benro Travel Angel—Most Lightweight Tripod

MeFoto C2350Q2K—The Most Durable Tripod

Benro Mach3—Best Tripod for Photographers

Sirui NT-1005X—The Most Compact Tripod

Things to consider when buying the best tripod for us

Like buying any other equipment or gadget for us, as a good photographer, there are various things to consider while buying a great camera tripod.

Before you go through each of the tripods on my list, I want to tell you about a few key points that you must consider when buying a camera tripod in order to find the best tripod.


weight support

quick-release system

height and weight

used salmon

We have given a detailed explanation about why it is important for you to check these things first, which we must read:


We must remember that the stability of a tripod does not depend on its weight.

There are many tripods available in the market for our use which are sturdy and durable too, but we find them lacking in stability when used in different weather conditions.

Whenever a tripod is assembled, at that time a tripod has to face the wind as well as small bumps and big bumps.

During any videography, we should make sure that our camera and lens are balanced properly and not keep tilting in one direction.

Because if our camera and lens are tilted in one direction, then there is a risk of breaking our equipment by falling on the ground, which can be very harmful for you.

weight support

While buying a camera tripod, one must also see that the weight bearing capacity of that tripod should be good.

We should not waste money by buying an AC camera tripod which cannot handle the weight of our camera well because in such a situation our camera or any valuable equipment will fall on the ground due to which we have to damage our valuable equipment and waste money. becomes a threat.

Therefore, before buying any camera tripod, we must check its weight bearing capacity and only then should we buy a tripod.

I advise you that whenever you go to buy a tripod for yourself, then you should take the camera with you and once you have installed the camera properly on the tripod, you must try it.

quick-release system

While buying a camera tripod, we will see that the head of an expensive camera tripod has a stronger plate that is mounted on the camera and lens, but in an affordable camera tripod, we get to see a plastic plate. And in this case, the Arca-Swiss quick release mechanism is used as a good quick-release system.

It is widely used for its simple and fast operation which acts as a standard for most of the manufacturers. Which has proved to be a successful solution in the camera tripod for today’s photography.

Talking about the strength of the Arca-Swiss quick release system, it is made of metal many times stronger than the plastic plates attached to a camera tripod. The Arca-Swiss quick release system keeps our lens or camera securely attached to the tripod without moving anything

height and weight

For a good and attractive videography and photography, as a youtuber, I advise you to consider the height and weight of the tripod while buying a tripod for yourself. The height of the tripod we have chosen for ourselves and our height should be somewhat related so that we do not have to bend too much to look at our viewfinder.

We must keep its length at least as close to the level of our eyes. So that we do not have pain in our back due to bending again and again because as a youtuber we have to bend again and again to know what we are trying to catch.

However, now we know about the length of a camera tripod as well as the usefulness of its weight. While choosing a good camera tripod, we should keep in mind that the weight of the tripod we want to buy should not be too much. Because we also have to go out of the house for photography and videography. In such a situation, we have to face a lot of trouble in moving a heavy camera tripod from one place to another. For these reasons, many times we leave our tripod at home.

If we want to make adventure photo shoots or travel blogs for youtube then we should definitely buy a lightweight and compact camera tripod which is very easy to carry from one place to another.

used goods

Most carbon-fibre materials are used to make a lightweight camera tripod.

This material is considered to be the best tripod material due to its stability, durability, and never rust.

The downside, however, is that it is a bit more expensive than any other camera tripod. If we want to buy cheap tripods for ourselves then it can be a bit difficult for us to buy them.

There are also AC tripods in the market, which are made of aluminium metal, even though their weight is a little more than the tripod made of carbon fibre, but we can get them only at a low cost. It is very useful for all those who have less budget.

Also, there are tripod brands in the market that make a very strong tripod made of stainless steel, but not perfect for people who do outdoor photography or travel blogs, as they should be taken with them. It’s very difficult.

Now we have to choose a camera tripod for ourselves considering our work and budget.

1. Manfrotto 190XPro4

As we know that the manfrotto tripod provides us with good photography related equipment. Talking about its camera tripod, Manfrotto 190XPro4 tripod is counted amongst some of the best tripods for video recording and photo shoots.

The Manfrotto 190XPro4 is considered the best overall tripod for creatives.

The Manfrotto 190XPro4 tripod incorporates a mechanism unique to us that makes us even more flexible when shooting, giving us more shooting options than any other camera tripod.

The Manfrotto 190XPro4 tripod is very easy to set up, which is better suited for the youtuber or photographer who prefers photography featuring adventurous subjects.

For us it also has an unlimited level, which gives us exceptional stability during our video or photo shots.

In the Manfrotto 190XPro4, we also get an LED light along with some other functional accessories that help to enhance the video clips and shots even more.

All these features found in a camera tripod are very useful in making us the perfect set-up for YouTube vlogs or photography.

The Manfrotto 190XPro4 tripod offers flexible legs that are perfect for carrying from one place to another.


Max Height: 175cm

Max load: 10/7kg

Folded Height: 57cm

Material: Aluminium

Weight: 2.6kg

Leg Section: 4


The Manfrotto 190XPro4 is very easy to set up

it is very flexible



large in size

poor construction

Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 Aluminium 4-Section Tripod, Black


2. Joby GorillaPod 1K

If we have just started our career in photography and are just looking to buy the best tripod to practice our skills properly, then Joby Gorilla Pod 1K will be the perfect tripod for us.

This is the best and affordable tripod for photography enthusiasts.

The Joby Gorilla Pod 1K is touted as one of the best tripods for beginner and hobby photographers who don’t need to buy a pricey professional tripod right now.

This tripod is a great low budget camera tripod for anyone starting a creative career.

If we are doing photography just for fun then Joby GorillaPod 1K is perfect for us. The Joby GorillaPod 1K combines many of the same features as high-end tripods that we would find in an expensive camera tripod.

The Joby GorillaPod 1K is a lightweight and portable tripod, which makes it easy to use for outdoor activities and hiking.


Weight: 196g

Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic,

Max load: 1kg

Max Height: 25.5cm


It is cheaper than others

portable tripod

This tripod is perfect for the outdoors


slightly smaller than others

does not spread

Buy Joby GorillaPod 1K on Amazon


3. Vanguard VO 3+ 263AB

If we are looking for different features in a camera tripod for ourselves that set it apart from a normal camera tripod, then the Veo 3+ 263AB from Vanguard is going to be the right one for us.

This is a great camera tripod for photographers.

We can also use this tripod as an all-in-one tripod as the Veo 3+ 263AB tripod is stylish as well as sturdy, which has become quite popular due to these reasons.

The Veo 3+ 263AB is easy to operate, it is used by beginners as well as professional photographers, it is also very easy to operate.

We as a photographer also get enough flexibility in the Veo 3+ 263AB to do any kind of photography which we don’t get in any normal tripod.

Vanguard’s Veo 3+ 263AB is known to us for delivering the highest quality and stability to your photos by combining superior computer numerical control engineering technology with high grade materials in the camera tripod and monopod.

For more flexibility in the Veo 3+ 263AB we can easily switch one leg of our tripod to the monopod.

If you are looking for an AC camera tripod for yourself that has multiple uses, then the Veo 3+ 263AB is made for you, then we are definitely the one to go for it.


Max Weight: 33 lbs

Material: Aluminium

Leg Section: 3

Max Height: 67.9 inches

Folded Height: 29.9 Inches


It has excellent max height for you

quick leg locks

with centre column


too long bent

long bent

Buy Vanguard VO 3+ 263AB on Amazon

4. Manfrotto 290 Dual Tripod

We consider the Manfrotto 290 Dual Tripod Original Rock-Solid as a good camera tripod because of its quality style and unique features that makes it a modern camera tripod.

The Manfrotto 290 is considered the best camera tripod for filming and still photography.

This tripod is built on the 290’s rock-solid design, which uses manfrotto travel tripod revolutionary 90° column mechanism with exclusive four-leg angle settings that help us steer our camera to ground-level shooting positions with ease Which is a unique form of videography.

It also uses a new rubber leg warmer and an updated metal disc keeping the grip in mind for any of our tripods, which makes it a better tool than others in some respects and also gives it an updated look.

Additionally, we can get the Manfrotto 290 in three best models – Tripod Kit with Ball Head, Stand-alone Tripod and Tripod Kit with Three-Way Head.

We can choose manfrotto carbon fiber tripod of these camera tripods for ourselves according to our work and requirements

Whatever we choose in a camera tripod as a youtuber, they are all well built for us, but before buying it we must make sure that we can use it for any video clip and photo shoot. can be made in a stable manner.

We also get the option of one leg angle selectors in the Manfrotto 290 tripod, which helps us a lot to reach the lowest angles and positions.


Weight: 2.28kg

Material: Aluminium

Max Height: 175cm

Max load: 5/6kg

Folded Height: 69cm

Leg Section: 3


Manfrotto 290 is very easy to carry

quick to operate

Existing with great height


poor feet

Slightly more expensive than others

Buy Manfrotto 290 Dual Tripod on Amazon


5. Benaro Rhino FRHN34CVX30

The Rhino FRHN34CVX30 Camera Tripod delivers more stability and weight combining strength than others.

This will prove to be the best tripod for a professional photographer.

It is counted among the list of expensive camera tripods but it is very easy for a professional photographer to use it to capture the best possible videos and photos.

The Rhino FRHN34CVX30’s unique reverse folding design makes this tripod extremely portable for outdoor photography as well

On the Rhino FRHN34CVX30, we have an automatic leg angle adjustment that makes the process of changing our leg angle very easy.

It has many unique features due to which a professional photographer can work smoothly without any hindrance.

The Rhino FRHN34CVX30 is well designed to provide us with a stable set-up.

We can use the Rhino FRHN34CVX30 for photography or YouTube videos which are a great buy. This is the most suitable option for those people.


Max Height: 174.5cm

Max load: 20kg

Material: Carbon Fibre

Weight: 6 pounds

Leg Section: 4


it’s great quality

It is easy to use

expressive height


it has no pillar axis

it has no centre column

it’s a bit expensive

6. Peak Travel Tripod

Peak Travel Tripod has been specially designed for people who travel a lot outdoors and who love to shoot their videos and photos during their travels.

used peak design travel tripod is the best travel blog shoot for those youtube vloggers. And who shoots the event at different places.

We find this tripod with good extended height, pro-level stability and high load capacity would be a first choice for YouTubers or any professional photographers.

The Peak Travel Tripod is easy to assemble and disassemble and its sleek look makes it easy for even a beginner photographer.

If we want to make or have made a travel vlog youtube channel for ourselves, for which we need a camera tripod equipped with good and unique features then we should buy Peak Travel Tripod.

Peak Travel Tripod will go a long way in helping us capture the best moments forever for which we must have Peak Travel Tripod.

It is also a good camera tripod for professional photographers who use DSLR for photography which gives maximum stability to the camera and keeps the camera tight.


Max load: 9.1kg

Max Height: 152.4cm

Folded Height: 14cm

Weight: 1.56kg

Material: Aluminium

Leg Section: 3


This is a portable tripod

phone bag included

low-profile ball head


It’s not long for its price


Buy Peak Travel Tripod on Amazon


7. Mephoto Globetrotter C2350Q2K

If durability is our priority when buying a camera tripod, then the MeFoto GlobeTrotter is going to be the best camera tripod for us.

The MeFoto GlobeTrotter is one of the best camera tripods to buy in 2022.

It is a strong and durable camera tripod so that we do not need to buy a camera tripod again and again.

The MeFoto GlobeTrotter is one of the most stylish camera tripods out there while being strong and durable.

We can also get it in different colours as per our choice. Along with this, this tripod is a bit expensive as compared to others, we must make sure before buying it that we can use it to make videos and capture pictures for ourselves.

We can fold the legs back 180° to make the MeFoto GlobeTrotter smaller, making it easier to move from one place to another.

Its special features include all weather use and dust resistance, due to which we can use it in all types of weather with great ease.


Max load: 12/12kg

Max Height: 165cm

Folded Height: 41cm

Material: Carbon Fibre

Weight: 2.1kg

Leg Section: 5


This camera tripod is convenient to carry

cheaper than others

we can use it as monopod


only for two positions

it’s not too long

8. Benroe Travel Angel

This Benro Travel Angel tripod is specially designed to provide great lightweight camera support for vloggers and photographers.

This is one of the lightest tripods for youtube for vloggers.

The Benro Travel Angel Camera Tripod is specially designed for outdoor use as it is a very lightweight camera tripod so it is very easy to carry around for shooting.

Apart from the tripod legs, the Benro Travel Angel has rubber footpads, metal spikes for a unique look, as well as a small centre column in the kit.

Plus, we can easily use one leg of this camera tripod as a monopod.

The Benro Travel Angel won’t disappoint us in any way when it comes to the durability of this tripod.

The Benro Travel Angel is a sturdy and long lasting camera tripod if you decide to buy this for yourself as a photographer then it is definitely going to hold you for a long time.

This is a great camera tripods for anyone recording their movements during their travels as it is one of the lightest tripods on my list.


Max load: 10/14kg

Max Height: 161cm

Folded Height: 45cm

Material: Aluminium

Weight: 2.42kg

Leg Section: 4


Convenient to carry Benro Travel Angel

it’s great for travel

This is high quality tripod


Lack of stability compared to others

low operating height

Buy Benro Travel Angel on Amazon


9. Benaro Mach3 Series 2

If we are looking for the best camera tripod for blogging a youtube channel or our studio then our search ends here with Benro Mach3 Camera Tripod.

Benro Mach3 One of the best camera tripods for all types of photography.

The Benro Mach3 is highly recommended by all professional photographers who have used it so far because it is designed to provide great stability. All kinds of photographers can use it for themselves.

This tripod’s main purpose is to provide a lightweight camera and a compact look. It has three legs for easy setting in any position of our choice.

This makes use of high performance twist lock with magnesium casting in this 9X carbon fibre tripod to make outdoor and indoor photography easy.

The Benro Mach3 Camera Tripod is made from an advanced material with a classic design, thereby enhancing the experience of a photographer.

The Benro Mach3 is lightweight as well, due to which we can carry it wherever we go, anytime.


Max load: 8/8kg

Max Height: 167cm

Folded Height: 60cm

Material: Aluminium

Weight: 2.42kg

Leg Section: 4


cheaper than others

it has great stability

well built


poor feet compared to others

We can’t use it as a monopod

Buy Benro Mach3 Series 2 on Amazon


10. Sirui NT-1005X

The photography experience with this  sirui nt-1005x review  we know is a bit different than others, which helps us to have a comfortable and stable photography.

The Sirui NT-1005X is considered a great compact camera tripod for video and photo artists.

We can use it as a monopod with one leg bent and the Sirui NT-1005X Drone can enhance our photography experience in shots, close-ups, hiking etc.

We can use this tripod to capture panoramic images hassle-free.

We can also use Sirui NT-1005X on resistant rough surfaces as it also has the features like safe operation and efficient locking for doing our photography.

Being very compact, we can easily fit this tripod in our bag pocket.

We can also get it for simple transportation and storage. You can also buy us for use during your travels.

It’s also a great camera tripod for photographers using mirrorless cameras, camcorders and DSLR cameras. It comes with a wide range of compatibility.


Max load: 10/8kg

Max Height: 150cm

Folded Height: 36cm

Weight: 1.44kg

Material: Aluminium

Leg Section: 5


it is very small compared to other

easy to adjust

with non-slip feet


no free sponge in it

small slide

Buy Sirui NT-1005X on Amazon



The list of all these camera tripods we have recommended will go a long way in buying a good camera tripod. I hope this is a great help for you in buying the best camera tripod according to your budget.

While buying a camera tripod, we must remember the primary things that we need in a camera tripod.

As a best overall camera tripod, the Manfrotto 190XPro4 is a great choice for still photography.

If you are looking to buy a great camera tripod for outdoor travel, the Benro Travel Angel and Peak Travel Tripod is a great option. Because it is compact and lightweight, it is perfect for travel vlogging and outdoor video making.

For photographers who use heavy cameras, the MeFoto C2350Q2K is a durable and sturdy camera tripod.

Apart from this, for the photographers who do video shooting and photo shoots while staying in the studio, we have the best studio light and kit which will prove to be very useful for them.

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